7 Best Smart Toilets Consumer Reports 2020

Do you know you could do more than just pass out both liquid and solid waste in the toilet? Yes! you can also catch fun. This type of toilet is known as the smart toilet. This toilet comes with a remote, music, In Build, led bulbs, Automatic lid, and seat opening and closing, automatic flushing, heated seat and soon.

Smart toilets are designed to save water and also provide enough space for comfortable operations. Smart toilets upgrade your home give your home that trendy and stylish feel. If you are considering getting one of the best smart toilets, the article will help you get the best.

Top 7 Smart Toilets

TOTO Neorest 700H

If you are in search of a toilet that cleans itself and at the same time cleans you, then TOTO Neorest is the best choice. This smart toilet comes with an elongated shape. It has the double cyclone flushing system with ultra-high efficiency convenient remote control. This model is an electric toilet technology that keeps the toilet bowl neat and sanitary. Also, as a user, you are refreshed by the spray and warm-air dryer.

It is a luxury toilet that has a cotton color and can only be afforded by an upper-class citizen. The seat and the surface are kept clean by a CEFIONTECT glaze that prevents bacteria and other microorganisms from staining it. It has a height that is comfortable for all ages, and it is in compliance with the ADA (American Disabilities Act). Its lid and seat work automatically when a user presence is detected.

Furthermore, it saves water as it consumes only 0.8 and 1.0 gallon per flush. And do you know what? You don’t need to push any button to flush it due to its automated hands-free flush that keeps the bowl clean. Based on its durability, it has a 3-year warranty for home use and 1-year warranty for commercial.


  • Remote controller
  • Hands-free flush
  • Presence of CEFIONTECT
  • ADA-Complaint
  • Lower water consumption rate


  • Expensive


As we all know Woodbridge products for efficiency and luxury, its smart toilet has the same feature. It has a dual flush system with a powerful clean and quiet flush. It had an in-built bidet cleaner that comes with an adjustable warm air dryer. The presence of LED lighted seat of this toilet gives it a gentle glow to orient you and let you use your bathroom in peace mostly at night. This toilet might be costly, but it performs that work of its expenses. It is hygienic and sanitary due to the availability of rear wash, pulsating wash, adjustable water pressure, and hygienic filtered water. For comfort, it comes with a gentle massage pulse functions.

Furthermore, it has a remote control that makes its operation easy and enjoyable. It is also a toilet that cleans itself and the user. The heated seat that is available has five heat settings so that anyone can select their preferred temperature. It has the water consumption rate of 1.6 gallons per flush for heavy flushes such as the solid waste and about 1.0 gallon per flush of water for light flushes such as liquid waste. It is our recommendation for users who can’t afford a costly smart toilet — it as an American Disabilities Act complaint that has a comfortable elongated bowl for all sizes and ages.


  • Presence of LED lighted seat
  • Has in-built cleaner
  • Comes with a remote control
  • 1.6 gallons per flush
  • Has compliance with the American Disabilities Act


  • Costly
  • Over-pressurized water

TOTO Carlyle II

Of the smart toilets, TOTO Carlyle II is the easiest to clean. It comes in an elongated shape that helps the toilet to fits in small bathrooms. It has an automatic air deodorizer that provides perfect smell for the toilet and prevents odor. This model comes with adjustable temperature and pressure control that any user may use to change the temperature level to his or her taste and convenience.

Furthermore, it comes with a tornado flush system that makes flushing fast and smooth. Unlike most smart toilets that are tankless, this model comes with its own high profile tank for easy access. Also, it has the premise feature which allows the bowl to be lubricated before use to keep the surface clean. This toilet is kept clean and strong by the availability of vitreous china. On its water consumption rate, it only consumes 1.2 gallons per flush, what’s more, it as a CEFIONTECT glaze that is applied to the bowl and traps way which allows the toilet to remove all of the waste without staining the surfaces. It has only 12 months of warranty use.


  • Presence of deodorizer
  • Adjustable temperature and pressure
  • Easy installation
  • Premise feature
  • 1.28 water consumption rate


  • High seat
  • Short-term durability
  • Noise making

Kohler Veil

Most user of this Kohler model tags it as a no-dull-moment toilet. This is a toilet you will never get bored of using. It comes with in-built speakers, FM radio, MP3 player and other amazing features. This toilet comes with a compact design that is a great fit for smaller bathrooms. It had a motion sensor that opens and closes the lid without the use of the hand. Moreover, it includes a heated seat with adjustable temperature setting and comes with an enlarged bowl which offers added room and comfort.

Furthermore, it has anti-bacterial abilities that are provided by the presence of vitreous China. You don’t need to look for all or put on electricity before you can use this toilet because it has its own night light which makes it easier to locate the bowl. It offers various options due to its stainless steel bidet wand. Some of these options are adjustable spray shape, position, water pressure, temperature, pump and pitch functions. Lastly, it has a dual flush option with a choice of 0.8 or 1.28 gallons per flush, and it has no tank which makes it compact.


  • Comes with vitreous china
  • In-built musical instrument
  • Nightlight mode
  • Automatic lid
  • Stainless steel bidet


  • Complicated installation detailed
  • Costly

TOTO Washlet

As it is known that most TOTO products do not disappoint. This model is excellent evidence of this. This toilet is an elongated one that has a premise cotton white color. It has an automatic lid which opens and closes whenever it senses the presence of a user. TOTO washlet like TOTO Neorest has CENFIONTECT glaze that prevents the staining of the surface by bacteria or microorganism. What’s more? This toilet GPF range from 0.9 to 1.38 as a result of the presence of a 3D tornado flush. This smart toilet is a chemical-free one that only uses a premise solution to keep all surfaces clean. With the availability of a deodorizer, the toilet always smells nice without no odor.

Furthermore, there is also an adjustable water temperature and volume which ensures the smart toilet stays water efficient. This mod complies with the ADA due to its comfortable height for all ages including the disabled. Based on its durability, it has a 3-year warranty for home use and 1-year for public use.


  • 3D tornado flush
  • Deodorizer
  • ADA-compliant
  • Lower water consumption
  • 3-year warranty


  • The absence of water remember

Ove Decors Tuva

This toilet is one of the best smart toilets in the market due to the various unique feature it possesses. Are you worried about not contacting germs or bacteria during toilet use? This toilet is the best option for you due to the presence of automatic flushing that comes with it. It has a heated seat as well as a bidet that has warm flowing water. Moreover, it is with a lot of advanced features that range from anti-bacteria seating, air dryer, water flowing, and heated electric toilet seats. This model also comes with a soft close seat that prevents the slamming of the seat which most time ensures the durability of the seat.

Furthermore, the toilet can be used anytime in a day with the inclusion of night due to its smart nightlight mode that helps you find your way in the dark. Another fantastic feature about this the toilet is that it has a tankless design that makes the toilet compact in size which can fit into any toilet. Based on its water consumption rate, it only comes 1.2 gallon per flush. What’s more? This model is a smart toilet that has 8 settings for adjusting temperature and water. Lastly, it has a deodorizer that makes the toilet smell good always.


  • Anti-bacterial seating
  • Nightlight mode
  • Compact size
  • Automatic flushing
  • A deodorizer


  • Complicated installation detailed

Dyconn Facet Aqua

This is a multi-purpose smart toilet. It combines built-in smart toilet bidet and an enlarged tankless toilet. Unlike most smart toilets, it comes with a square shape. This model comes with a soft closing lid that prevents the slamming of the seat which also makes the seat durable. It had instant warm water cleanse that allows users to use it simultaneously without anyone using cold water.

Furthermore, it has stainless steel bidet hinges that make the surface clean and fresh and also serve as anti-bacterial. In another sense, it has an automatic sensor heat seat, that opens and closes whenever it feels the presence of a user. Based on its water consumption rate, it only consumes 1.18 gallon per flush which saves water usage.

This model comes with a nightlight mode, and this makes it very useful any time of the day. For quality assurance, the developer has included a microbial coating in its design which reduces the possibility of bacteria occurrence and survives on the bidet surface. This model incorporates style, convenience, compact and energy efficiency through its main features. It has a 2-year warranty to protect from any defects.


  • The inclusion of microbial coating
  • Nightlight mode
  • Has an automatic heated seat
  • Consumes 1.8 gallons per flush
  • Soft closing lid


  • Short-term durability
  • Costly

Buying Guide

Having gotten the knowledge of the best smart toilets in the market, their major features, their durability, shape, size, and power, it is important for us to give a buying guidance to those people who wish to get any of these smart toilets.


It is important to know that the prices and shapes and also the mode of operations of these various smart toilets vary. For example, if you are thinking of getting a smart toilet with a small budget and do not really want to spend much, it is advisable to go for Ove Décor Tuva smart toilet. It is cheap, and you can get as much as possible if you are filling up an extended family home or a big company.

Unique Features

For people in search of smart toilets with unique features, TOTO Washlet is our recommendation for you. It is a smart toilet that comes with all the upscale features you might be looking for in a smart toilet. For example, 3D tornado flush that helps to get rid of all waste both solid and liquid very fast and smooth is a great feature of this toilet. So if this what you want, then go for it.

Luxury And Top Performance

For the upper-class citizens or high profile companies who are in search of an expensive and efficient smart toilet, Kohler Veil Elongated toilet is our recommendation. It comes with various unique parts that make it wonderful and easy to operate. For example, it had FM radio, MP3 to keep the user at fun during his or her stay in the toilet. This type of smart toilet is advisable for those people operating a clubhouse or a bar. This makes their customers always in the mood of music even inside the toilet.


Also, another thing to put into consideration before getting a smart toilet is the design. Some toilet comes with a tank which keeps the water warm and gives it easy accessibility to the user and the others come in tankless which makes the toilet looks compact.